Conférence confiance & société

Trust & Society Conference

La Luxembourg School of Religion & Society vous convie à un échange interdisciplinaire les 19 et 20 juillet 2023 sur l’apport de la recherche sur la confiance.

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An interdisciplinary conversation on the role of trust research in addressing societal issues

19-20 July 2023

Trust is a fundamental element of human interactions. It is integral to interpersonal relationships and plays an important role in politics, economics, science, religion, and culture. Understanding trust in all its dimensions, including the mechanisms that create distrust, is therefore as important for addressing global challenges as it is for navigating small-scale interactions between communities.

The Trust & Society Conference will bring together an interdisciplinary and international panel of scholars whose work applies trust research to issues of social importance. The conference will provide a forum for networking with trust scholars in different fields to generate conversation around the central question: What does research on trust have to offer society?

This conference is organized by the Global Network on Trust and will take place in Luxembourg at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society on 19-20 July 2023. Please save the date in your calendar; we will get back to you soon with more information about the program and registration.

If you have any questions, please contact our network leader, Dr. Matthew Pawlak (